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· 7 min read
Hyunmo Ahn

In React, when passing a function as component props, one needs to be careful with managing references to avoid unnecessary re-renders. Although most case we use useCallback to prevent unnecessary re-renders, I found an alternative solution sharing.

The code that inspired this article is radix-ui/primitives's useCallbackRef. This article will discuss the use cases and logic of useCallbackRef.

Below is the useCallbackRef code we are going to discuss. Can you guess in what situations it might be used?

// useCallbackRef.js
import { useRef, useEffect, useMemo } from 'react';

export function useCallbackRef(callback) {
const callbackRef = useRef(callback);

useEffect(() => {
callbackRef.current = callback;

return useMemo(() => ((...args) => callbackRef.current?.(...args)), []);